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Cisco just announced last week that the Jabber client for business is available for free. That’s great news! But why do you care, what does it do for you, and most importantly, how do you get it?

Cisco Jabber for Video

There are actually two free versions of Jabber, and they are both fully functional. One of them is Cisco Jabber Video, and you can download and run it just about immediately. It is supported on Windows, Mac, and iPad right now, with Android support coming soon. It provides desktop HD video calling with any other standards based video system. Standards based is hugely important. It follows these standards:

  • SIP and H.323
  • URI dialing
  • H.264 video standard
  • Resolution up to 1080p at 30 frames per second

If you want to have a business video call then you need to be able to make calls across the internet with URI dialing (usually in email address format) using SIP and H.264. You can register for your own account for free and start calling right away. This is real business video, not consumer class limited access video.

Cisco Jabber Instant Messaging

This is the new offer announced last week, and it provides the capability for every existing Cisco voice customer to roll out a universal presence and chat client for everyone at their company, on every device. It is significant because there is a large installed base of Cisco VoIP phone system customers, and many want to add Presence and Instant Message capability.

The Jabber IM client is/will be available on Windows, Mac, iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android, and Blackberry.

Cisco Jabber IM will provide these features:

  • Presence status
  • One-on-one and group chat
  • File transfer
  • Server IM logging
  • Client chat history
  • Federations: Existing except AOL
  • Experience: Only see IM features
  • Microsoft Office 2007/10 Presence and Click to IM (Windows)
  • Initiate, join Cisco WebEx® meetings for Mac, Windows (2HCY12)
  • Mobile: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Cisco Cius, Android (2HCY12)

The free client provides a good base set of features, and it is upgradable to the full Jabber client that allows for Cisco phone integration with the purchase of a license upgrade. The free licenses can also operate at the same time as the full licenses, so Instant Messaging can be provided to users that do not have phones assigned to them.

It is specifically deployed by adding the Cisco Presence server onto the Cisco Communications Manager. Cisco provides all the server and client side licensing, and the customer has to provide the physical or virtual server to run the Presence application. The Presence version supported for the free Jabber client deployment is 8.6.4, which is compatible with Communications Manager version 7.1.2 and above.

The free licenses can be ordered in May, with shipment starting in early June (Cisco Live timeframe). If you are interested in doing this, give us a call!


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