Cisco UCS – B Series Servers

Multiple Servers, Multiple Savings!

Large datacenters run more smoothly with Cisco B-Series servers.

Cisco B-series servers are a part of the revolutionary Cisco Unified Computing system which makes deployment, running and maintaining your servers as economical as possible.  Owners of Cisco B-Series servers can expect a larger than usual management return on investment (ROI) especially in environments with 10 or more physical servers.Cisco UCS system diagram

The unified fabric design of Cisco B-Series servers reduces the number of cables, adapters, and access-layer switches needed even though they still provide the SAN and LAN connectivity.  These servers are revolutionary in the way that they reduce the costs of administrative overhead, cooling and power costs.  As servers, they are extremely flexible whether you are using them with virtualized or non-virtualized applications, they are energy-efficient and they offer increased performance.  The B-Series is built upon Intel Xeon series 5000 processors and can scale automatically based on need.

The B series servers are part of the revolutionary Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). The blades are slotted into the chassis, but each chassis is not managed individually. Each chassis is connected to the UCS Fabric Interconnects through redundant 10G Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) copper twinax or optical cables. All server blades and chassis are managed through the single UCS management interface. There is much less cabling, and management is faster and more efficient.

The Cisco Unified Computing architecture is based on two basic types of industry standard X86 servers. The big difference between Cisco Unified Computing (UCS) lies in the management of the individual servers, which can all be done from a central console. The UCS architecture encompasses both blade server and blade server chasses (Cisco B-Series Servers) as well as rack-optimized or rackmount servers (Cisco C-Series Servers).

As with most Cisco servers, the Cisco B-Series Blade servers reduce the cost of running and your network.  In addition to this, the true economic advantages of B-Series servers can be seen when they are used as part of a 10-plus group of servers.  The converged (unified) network fabrics of the B-Series, and the integrated systems management work together to simplify the traditional processes involved in developing and running a ucs componentsAdcap Network Systems is a Cisco Gold Certified Partner.  We employ an expert technical team that are experienced and fully qualified to help you decide upon the Cisco B-Series server that will best serve your business needs.  Trained staff and engineers are waiting to chat with you.  We can also discuss the possibility of Adcap project management for your installation/upgrade or deployment.  Trained and certified technical consultants can also provide on-site staff training as needed.  Options for financing your purchase exist.  Please ask about them when you b series serversThere are 6 models in the Cisco B-Series collection of Blade servers:  Cisco UCS B440 M1 High-Performance Blade Server, Cisco UCS B250 M2 Extended Memory Blade Server, Cisco UCS B250 M1 Extended Memory Blade Server, Cisco UCS B200 M2 Blade Server, Cisco UCS B200 M1 Blade Server.  Adcap is certified to sell each of these models and to provide you with key information in deciding which of these servers is right for you.  With most models, you have the choice of 2-socket servers and 4 socket servers each with differing features and benefits.  What they have in common is increased data center flexibility and scalability with dynamic I/O (made possible by the Cisco UCS M81KR Virtual Interface Card).

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